Our First Home's Tour

This is the little place where my blog got it's name: it was MINIATURE (in the best possible way - we loved her small size). MINI house, and in that tiny place, I hoped to be raising MIGHTY hearts!

Anyhoo, this is where we learned a few good things: 1) our design aesthetic, and 2) HOW TO DIY!

Now we are in our new home, ready to project this place to shreds. But I couldn't just leave the sweet house on Autumn Lane without paying homage to 'er in the form of a tour. Here she is (was)!

 ^^^Walk on in, through that therr' front door... here is how she was before^^^

 ^^^...and then here she was after our batten board project.^^^

 ^^^And to the left was our sweet little mudroom type area with hooks for goodies and where we carried the 8' batten board around to the "flex area," as it was put on our home's listing.^^^

 ^^^Next you walked into our kitchen which was DAAAARRRRRRK when we first moved in - SO, SO DARK. (You'll have to excuse the photography, or lack thereof.)^^^

 ^^^We were so proud of this project! It was our first diy EVER and the one with the biggest impact. I mean - holy cow!^^^

 ^^^If you took a few steps beyond the kitchen, you hit the dated entertainment center - it was just a hot mess, there's nothing else you can say about it.^^^

 ^^^This was a 2 tiered make over. For phase 1 go here, for phase 2, where shiplap was taking over our lives in the best way possible, click here.^^^

 ^^^Next was a different type of project! It boiled down to us just not wanting to throw away our OTHER first diy project ever - the ginormous farmhouse table you see Carter working on here.^^^

 ^^^It's final resting place in that house was as our bed's headboard - baha! We had to get creative! We just didn't want to throw that sentimental piece out. Glad we didn't! It's now in our new house as the backyard's 8.5' table top.^^^

 ^^^Then, if you walked about 5 steps down the hall, you hit our big kids' room which was this sad, sad green color.^^^

 ^^^And it was transformed into this farmhouse oasis of wonderfulness. I could spend full days just chillin' in their relaxing room.^^^

 ^^^And last but not least, if you took half a step over from the big kids' room, you found Grace's nursery (that she spent ZERO nights in because then we sold and moved bahaha).^^^

^^^This was an ALL TIME FAVORITE and still is.^^^

And that's it!!! The whole tour. I told you she was teensy. Teensy in the BEST way!

Now we're chipping away at our current, new house!!! The most wonderful type of fun, I say!

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