our furniture

We've been blessed to have made a few of our "original pieces" for family, friends, a few community member's homes and (latest and most exciting), a local shop here in Corona!

(Really quick: by "original pieces" I mean "what we really want to buy from Restoration Hardware, Z Gallery and amazing teak outdoor sets are too expensive, so we've just made them ourselves out of affordable wood" bahaha!)

This first picture was when we built and installed these fabulously large scale pieces within the store Cursive, here in Corona (save for some pretty mediocre photography, this was so DANG COOL):

The rest are "our pieces."

If you're local and want to talk to us about a custom order, please feel free to email us. Bonus: as a form of payment you can substitute money for various IPA's (Chad) or Venti Latte's (me). Just sayin', we're cool like that!


In the subject line, please CAPS LOCK: FURNITURE

What can we say? We enjoy woodworking and design. It's fun for us!

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