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When a gal needs a creative outlet in addition to her home DIY obsession, the only option is to create a blog, AMIRIGHT?!

So was born mini house, mighty hearts! I've been a huge fan of recording our family life over the last several years on la originalle, journal-ly type recorder'o'Cisneros's corner of the internets, but more and more I wanted to create a space where I could keep a running tally of our first HOME home's journey from extreme starter tract house to our miniature palace of obsession!

WHAT DOES MINI HOUSE, MIGHTY HEARTS MEAN? Well, this very first home owned by little ol' us is kind of miniature - not that I'm complaining! I love her small size. She's a darling. Every inch of her 1,350 square feet is treasured. Inside this mini house of ours lives what I like to think of as our mighty hearts - Chad (hubby man), Mama Nicole (me), Carter (six year old man child), Kota (4 year old pumpkin pie) and last but certainly not least, Grace (right now she's doing flips and turns in my tummy - so precious). OH WAIT! Who could forget our doggy baby prince, Snow! He is the bomb.


Since I wrote that previous paragraph, baby Grace has made her appearance AND we sold our first mini house! WE BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE WHERE WE GET TO GO WILD WITH DIY CRAZYNESS! To say I'm excited is an understatement.

So yay! I can't wait to organize and record the things Chad and I have done in this current sweet house of ours! Woohooooo!

Here was the very first post involving our home from Three's 4 Me (brought over to mini house, mighty hearts).




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