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Hi there! I'm Nicole, just your average project-obsessed, design-loving wife and mom, you know how it goes. I made this blog while pregnant with my 3rd baby - a direct result of needing a creative outlet to pour all of those nesting urges into - I'M SO GLAD I DID! What a blast it's been.

I called it Mini House, Mighty Hearts because our first house (the one we were living in when this little ol' space was created) was very mini(ature). It was so dang cute! Just a small, first house for our growing family - perfect for us at the time! Then... we got a


Yep! When Gracie (aforementioned 3rd baby) was 5 months old we up-and-moved to a place where we could sort of stretch our legs a little. After allllllll that personalizing in our first home (you can see all of the before and afters here), we decided to be crazy and do it again.

So that's where we're at right now: trying to personalize this big rectangle of a tract, builder grade home.

Here's our little family during this house's closing weekend (March of 2017): myself (the human with her eyes shut), Chad (muscle behind the DIY's), Carter, Dakota and Gracie.

Here we were on closing day of our first home (October of 2014). What a wild couple of years! Zero editing has happened to either one of these pictures, btw. You know how it goes... kids are callin'. Baha!

Yay! We live in Southern California - Corona, if you're familiar with the Inland Empire! We love it here. Stay awhile!

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