kitchen update! still on phase 1 but man oh man, do we love it

* I'll be returning to add links to everything once I figure out how to do it on Chad's laptop haha!

Guys - phase 1 renovations? They're my best friend, mainly because if you know me, you know I can be one heck of a cheapo. Phase 1 endeavors - they're budget conscious, sign me up. 

Okay! So here is where I left the kitchen last time on this here recorder:

Oh we felt so dang cool taking down those upper cabinets! Just two humans knocking 1997 to the curb, living their best lives. 

So since that picture, we painted the whole house the super light gray, including that back wall. For several months, the whole kitchen was just one large, light gray nothing. We had a plastic bag over the exhaust hole thing, and that's how we lived! The idea behind it was that we wanted to "really" renovate the kitchen - new everything. Appliances, cabinets, countertops - you name it, we wanted it to be NEW!

But... we sort of felt like giant losers for tearing our kitchen apart without having saved a dime for that particular endeavor - I mean, kitchen renovations are things you hear about people preparing YEARS for. So to get us through, I suggested a phase 1 renovation.

I found these cheap peel-and-stick tiles online - WALMART, can you even believe it? we decided to go bold with the patterns and cabinet colors because, after all, it's a phase 1! You can't go wrong with paint and tiles that cost $10 a box! SOLD. 

So anyway, I'm going out of order here with these pictures so far. Here's how it went down:

  1. We put up the peel-and-stick tiles on the back wall, along with the IKEA shelves and Chad's amazingly constructed hood vent we got from Wayfair.
  2. We built a 10' long island to replace our janky, work bench-esque island we had made in the garage.
  3. It was time to get rid of the honey oak cabinets, so I took all the doors off and, over the span of 9 days, painted them this olive green - INSPIRED FROM THE QUEEN JENNY KOMENDA'S PHASE 1 KITCHEN IN HER HOME.
  4. We installed these champagne gold hardware straight from - wait for it - Amazon. CAN YOU SAY EASY PEASY? I'll say it again: PHASE 1 RENOVATIONS ARE THE DANG BEST.
This has got to be the laziest blog post of all time. There was so much that went into each of those endeavors, but I'm running short on time here, so details have been kicked to the curb baha! I just want to keep up to date up in here. Okay, here are a few pictures of each phase!

We got the back wall up, but hadn't tackled the island or the cabinets, here. I don't hate it, though! In fact, on Instagram, I got several comments and DM's of people complimenting a "cool space with oak cabinets" - can't say I didn't feel super awesome hearing that:

This breakfast nook situation had ALWAYS been awkward - it was too small for ANY table, but too large to keep open. So odd. It doesn't look particularly bad here, but in-person, it was weird:

Here's our 10' island, pre-cabinet-painting. Chad did such a great job:

Painting the cabinets:
Where the ol' girl sits now, curtains up:

We're still not done though! We still have this last wall to configure. It will require a new fridge (OBVIOUSLY), a new built-in pantry situation and probably a desk to go where that side table thing is right now. Again, it's all temporary until we feel ready to really rock and roll - but until that day, I'm proud of what we've done.

It's funny - my home bears a TON on my peace of mind. If I don't feel settled/aesthetically pleased, I truly don't share my house with loved ones. I know, I know - that's not the right way to go about life. But it's how I am! Giving this space some love has had such a huge bearing on my peace of mind, so I've noticed: WE'VE GOTTEN OUR ENTERTAINING MOJO BACK! We used to have people over ALL the time in our rentals, before we actually cared about the state of the abode. But in the homes we've owned, if we don't like what we're looking at, I've noticed we go into hiding a bit. Chad and I are social butterflies at our core, so I'm so thrilled to say we've gotten back to that point, all just through GIVING OUR HOMES LOVE. I mean, wow man!

Okay, that's deep, but for us it's true!