when art costs 5 billion dollars

Felix Wallpaper

Welp, since a good ol' Jackson Pollock piece is out of the budget for the foreseeable future (more like the ENTIRE future hahaha), I've got to get creative up in here. Mama wants some art. In fact it's actually imperative, at this point. Ever since we painted the walls the lightest gray imaginable (we lightened the Toasty Gray 50%), and then painted a few accent walls a barely-discernable-from-the-light-gray warmish white, people now think our house is one of those feng-shui homes where minimalism rules the land - NOT our intention hahaha.

I just LOVE myself some HUMONGOUS, ALL-ENCOMPASSING, LIFE-GIVING AND DID I MENTION HUGE abstract art. While watching Million Dollar Listing LA last week, it struck me: I'm going to jimmy-rig a huge art installation that spans the front living room where the second story ceilings reign supreme.

I'm SO STOKED. Okay so I'm going to order this removable wallpaper from this amazingly adorable couple who's Instagram I love, then I'm going to have Chad build a giant 8.5x4.5 foot frame with some drywall to keep it light and flat for the application, THEN I'm going to put the wallpaper on that frame and hang the whole dang thing up - BAM!!!!!

It's going to be so sexy. I actually cannot even. And guess what? The whole thing is going to cost under $400 because this house of ours sucks up every dollar and, as mentioned, big mama can't be goin' out to buy any Pollock's any time soon, ya dig? 



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