when art costs 5 billion dollars

Felix Wallpaper

Welp, since a good ol' Jackson Pollock piece is out of the budget for the foreseeable future (more like the ENTIRE future hahaha), I've got to get creative up in here. Mama wants some art. In fact it's actually imperative, at this point. Ever since we painted the walls the lightest gray imaginable (we lightened the Toasty Gray 50%), and then painted a few accent walls a barely-discernable-from-the-light-gray warmish white, people now think our house is one of those feng-shui homes where minimalism rules the land - NOT our intention hahaha.

I just LOVE myself some HUMONGOUS, ALL-ENCOMPASSING, LIFE-GIVING AND DID I MENTION HUGE abstract art. While watching Million Dollar Listing LA last week, it struck me: I'm going to jimmy-rig a huge art installation that spans the front living room where the second story ceilings reign supreme.

I'm SO STOKED. Okay so I'm going to order this removable wallpaper from this amazingly adorable couple who's Instagram I love, then I'm going to have Chad build a giant 8.5x4.5 foot frame with some drywall to keep it light and flat for the application, THEN I'm going to put the wallpaper on that frame and hang the whole dang thing up - BAM!!!!!

It's going to be so sexy. I actually cannot even. And guess what? The whole thing is going to cost under $400 because this house of ours sucks up every dollar and, as mentioned, big mama can't be goin' out to buy any Pollock's any time soon, ya dig? 


temporary-kitchen, heck yes!

(Guys. This "before?" Literally doesn't even look that bad to me, save for the outdatedness - THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS! Chad and I think something's HORRIBLE, so we tear it apart, only for me to look at the "before" pictures and think, "hey, what was so wrong with that?" :D )

So I've noticed a pattern with Chad and I: we have very lofty, giant-sized ideas (with giant sized imaginary budgets), but then get knocked down to size once we start to really do some research on just how that project would play out. Such was the situation with our kitchen (as was with our floors... furniture... probably more things that I'm not thinking of right now). In 2018 we tore it apart with the intention of completely renovating later in the year. I'm talking a full-gut-level-HGTV-sledgehammer-I'm-pretending-to-be-a-designer type of deal. Well guess what? Apparently, if one wants to completely rip out every last tile, cabinet and island electrical do-dad, one should probably have been saving for that goal years ahead of time - BAHA! Oops. But at least it wasn't 1999 up in there after our on-the-fly demo day! #impulsivenicoleandchad

(Unedited photos because who has time for that?)

So anyway, we lived with our ripped-to-shreds-kitchen throughout 2018, even adding a nice coat of paint to the bareness of it all (feeble attempts to make it better hahaha!). Some people actually complimented us on the "minimalism" of the whole thing - thanks, friends, for being nice humans hahaha! The unspoken understanding between Chad and I was that we would tackle the space in 2019, giving us time to actually honor the whole thing, budget-wise. About a week ago, though, we decided that permanent-awesome-amazing-humongo-kitchen was going to need to wait until 2020 - waa waa. But I'm actually stoked. That way we can do it RIGHT, but in the meantime, something has to happen in that sad space!

Enter TEMPORARY-KITCHEN! Guys, I'm so stoked. Guess what we're going to do. GUESS! Okay so temporary-backsplash is happening. Then IKEA will be coming in hot with those cheaply-priced-but-pretty-and-very-wipable open shelves and good ol' Wayfair has our back in regards to a pretty-but-not-too-pricey range hood! All of these components are well priced - priority 1 was to make sure we went into the whole buying-of-things with the mindset that this is more of a "get us through" kitchen - not the big cahuna of materials and design. STOKED.

We've hit one snafu - as I went to get started on the whole install this last weekend, we found that the stick-to-the-wall vinyl tiles I got (I know - vinyl?! But seriously those things have come a long way since the 80's or whenever it was that they looked so tacky! I was referred to them via a few of my favorite designer's instagram posts) did not really stick to the wall. In fact they came falling OFF the wall. So I'm going to re-order another package along with some stronger adhesive and a few sheets of plywood to make the whole project actually STICK - get it?! Stick! Baha! But who cares about problems like that when you get pictures like this:

(I'm sexy and I know it.)

Then for the island who's size we love, I'm going to take a little stroll on down to State College to see if they have any leftover stone lying around - I mean, how pricey could that possibly be to just place a thing of stone over it? We love that island!

You know, in matters unrelated, it still blows my mind that some humans out there can just move into a house and instantly have the whole thing put together in a matter of weeks - some people even within the first day! We've been here for almost 2 years and we're STILL not even close. I'm not even talking about giant architectural elements like floors, kitchen and bath remodels - I'm talking DECORATIVE. Art. Side tables. Candle sticks. Frames. Throw blankets. The list goes on! Like this is wild! It is a WILLLLLLLLLLD FREAKING RIDE that requires a ridiculous amount of patience. I mean, sheesh man! I know I love this stuff so much so it's all good but man! Interior design gods, please show favor to us Cisneros', if even just on the level of patience! Okay, done!