paint is on the walls, people, paint is. on. the. walls.

Guys, we've painted the house - WITH OUR OWN BARE HANDS. The whole time we've lived here, which is creeping up on 2 years, we've loathed the beige color scheme, although it really wasn't too bad. It just felt like we were living in our parent's homes, you know? So of course, personalization was needed.

However! The entire time we've been here, we hadn't pulled the trigger on this particular (seemingly basic) endeavor because the entry is two-stories high so it was a safety issue for us to deploy our usual DIY tactics and, in an effort to be "adults," we wanted to hire someone to do it for quality purposes - we're getting to that point where we can clearly see the difference between a professional's work and.... ours. But the safety issue was paramount! Every time someone was giving us advice on the whole paint thing, the first thing they would say is something along the lines of, "you guys have kids - you can't go and fall off an 18 foot ladder and injure yourselves" - rightly so!

So you know what our solution was in order to cut costs on what we thought we would be doing at the time, which was to hire someone? We started buying gallons of paint every week and just painting what we could - so no second story painting, just the first floor and of course hallways, bedrooms, etc. BUT! Guys, it was so irritating to have to call a paint company then wait for service when we were LIVING in a half painted house! We just wanted it DONE!!!!!! So we called up our trusty friends who own a gigantor ladder and just said "F IT! Let's do this!"

So we rolled up our sleeves and got to painting that second story room which took us 3 days, if I recall correctly. GUYS IT WAS SOOOOOOOO SCARY!!

Chad did 90% of it while I stood at the bottom of the ladder so it wouldn't slide out from under him. Then, when it was my turn to get on up there to finish off some detail work, I was SO TERRIFIED. I KEPT SAYING "I CAN'T BELIEVE I ALLOWED YOU TO DO THIS, THE FATHER OF MY CHILDREN, LOVE OF MY LIFE, BEST FRIEND, HUSBAND - HERE WE ARE RISKING OUR LIVES TO PAINT THE STUPID HOUSE OMG WHAT ARE WE THINKING HOLY SHIT DO YOU HAVE THE LADDER? ARE YOU HOLDING IT?! OMG OMG OMG WHAT ARE WE THINKING?!"

But guess FREAKING what?! It got done!!! We did a SUPER light gray and then a white on the walls where we are going to do a gigantic batten board project that I can't wait to do. Kota keeps telling me that all I ever want to do is paint our houses white (the gray really is so light it can be mistaken for white), to which I have responded, "there are worse things in life!" I love white what is my deal?

(Batten board project will be similar to this but with larger-scaled rectangles as opposed to those smaller squares)

The play room is painted a super dark green that I LOVE. It's our only room that is an actual color and I'm obsessed with it. It's so life giving. More on that later, it deserves it's own post.

Also! We've been scooping up the last of the large scale furniture pieces little by little. What's left is the girl's beds and then two more tables, nightstands for our room and then we'll move on the to the details that makes it all feel warm and cozy.

THEN! Floors and kitchen and then down the line, legit window treatments, at which point Chad will surely text me, "hey I put an offer in on a new house, we're moving!" Bahahha! No I'm kidding, but am I?! The man is not done moving!!!! HOW?! I can't even imagine, but then again, Chad and I are basically the same human in so many ways so I know I've got maybe 2 more moves in me. Maybe one more here in Corona then once the kids are raised and if my family is still in South OC, a move back? LISTEN TO ME I'M SICK IN THE HEAD!

So anyways, CHEERS TO PAINT!

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