No floors, just furniture

Welp, that one time where I declared that we were going to spend a few buckaroos on flooring never happened folks. I wrote that post earlier this year when our house (which we'd been living in for 1 year at the time), was completely empty, totally devoid of any furniture (the first 12 months of residency consisted of us getting rid of our past buys. Note to self: sell furniture with houses). So what happened was that right before we pulled the trigger on the floors, I shot a fast text to my mom and sister, two humans who (unfortunately for them) are always my sounding board when it comes to house stuff - sorry guys, for complaining about floors all the time!

Anyway, I asked them if we should buy floors or furniture - what did they think. The text message went something like this: "Hey, trusted advisors. We may or may not listen to you, but if you were us, what would you do, floors (which will mean that we'll still be living in an empty house for quite a bit longer) or buy furniture despite the fact that you loathe the floors you're living on which could make an impression on the furniture you buy?"

Immediately both of them responded with the "buy furniture" option - my sister even said something pretty dang profound: she told me to "get comfortable in our house." I mean, what a concept.  Honestly, they were beyond correct. We were so uncomfortable living in total desolation, comfy-ness wise. We had only one single couch (the only piece of furniture we chose to keep after dumping all the rest because none of it worked in this place) upon which to sit and watch tv AS A FAMILY OF FIVE. There were no rugs. There were no chairs. It was just the ol' beige couch we had purchased on our 1 year wedding anniversary, the black buffet thing we had bought with our wedding money and that was it, people. (In reading that back it sounds like I'm complaining about the "minimalist" ways in which we were living - obviously it was our choice to get rid of everything else. No complaints!)

So I asked Chad what he thought and we both agreed that maybe we should swing by the (only) local furniture superstore, Jeromes, in order to infuse some comfort into our lives. We swiftly bought a few pieces of furniture, including the 

family room couches (you guys it has always been this weird dream of mine to own two of the same sofa's and have them face each other flanking a fire place - dream. was. realized. Although we have switched the arrangement up since then, as seen right here), 

a sofa for the living room (we are painting in there at the moment, hence the ladder), 

a new bed frame and mattress for Chad and I (this was actually the first ever REAL bed frame situation we've ever had!), 

and one last FREAKING AWESOME find: a charcoal Z Gallerie Hayes recliner (that looks like anything but a recliner). 

There were also a few Home Goods finds scattered in there too, like an ottoman coffee table. And one can never forget about the couple of IKEA dressers for the kids rooms. Honestly IKEA is the best, man. Cheap? Yes. Cheap quality? Perhaps. But you know what, who cares when the internet is full of hacks to make those cheapy pieces prettier. Also, RUGS! We got a few large scale rugs and I love them so much.

Guys I'm so happy we got ourselves some furniture. It really did make us like the house we live in. Before, when we were "cuddling" on the hardwood floors for lack of any better option, there really were a few moments of buyers remorse hahaha! Funny now, not so funny then. I really thought, "wow, great job, Nicole and Chad. Way to go buy a house that you were completely unequipped to furnish OR renovate to your liking. Great move." 

BUT NOW I do not feel like that! The buying of the furniture made me feel like we are totally able to just do small things, little by little. A $35 can of paint for the living room? Sure! That purchase was nothing compared to the onslaught of purchases from Jeromes. Hang some IKEA curtains? Yeah, why the heck not! $40-50 for that? Yes. A candle stick here and there from Pottery Barn - yes. Do you see what I mean? It got us started on the whole dang house! 

So thanks, mom and sister! Without that advice, we'd (maybe) still be living in an empty rectangle of suburbia, albeit one with nice floors - ;D.