when deciding on floors snowballs into a whole house redesign, naturally

If you know either Chad or I, you've surely been informed of our ever-present, extreme first world problem: what floors are we going to lay down in this house of ours. It's (embarrassingly) been the major problem of our year! WHAT DO WE DO? Do we furnish the house or do the floors? Renovate the kitchen or do the floors? FLOORS, FLOORS, FLOORS, FLOORS, FLOORS!

Anyhoo, we've finally decided to do the damn floors! I'M STOKED. So today we sat down to take a look at what both of us are drawn to. I'm recording it here because this is a magical space where things come to be once they've been put out there in the universe (save for our master bedroom inspiration post - that one is still in it's "inspiration" phase baha!).

The results! We both want lighter floors, but Chad leans more toward a grey tone type of deal, and I would like something with a warm undertone. Although my "warm undertone thoughts" may not be the most modern, I'm starting to wonder when the trends will swing back toward the oak/tan-like look. Grey is definitely having a moment and we DO love grey so much - talk about feeling FRESH if it's done correctly! - but I can't lie, I really enjoy what the warmer colors do for a home. I like the look in pictures that regular people post on social media, leading me to the thought that I feel like it does a good thing for people's complexions. I don't know. There's that thought.

I'm getting off track! Here are a few pictures of what we're thinking regarding floors, sources included.


See what I mean? He loves himself a good ashy, hardwood look. I like it too! I just want to LOVE it for like 25 years. Not too much to ask, is it?


See how it's light but still warm? I know - it's not the most modern but it will last the test of time, style wise, methinks!

And then here's what I'm really after: that glassy, shiny look. These floors above are a little too dark and saturated for what I'm looking for, but how about that window reflection? HEART EYES.

Again, I know these floors aren't the most modern, BUT THAT SHINE! And that oak WILL come back one day! It's so warm and welcoming! I had to scour the internets to find a LIGHT hardwood that had that look to it - most shiny hardwoods were dark.

So beautiful, right?! You have to imagine the rest of the home with more modern touches (wall color, furniture, lighting fixtures, etc.).


Okay now take a look at THIS blog post's pictures OMG. Aren't those floors BEAUTIFUL? They are light, have a touch of grey BUT ALSO have an undercurrent of warmth. I don't know - is that just me? Here are some more pictures of it:

LOOK AT THOSE FLOORS! OMG GORGEOUS. I've linked it up here:

So anyway, the floors are such a hot topic of conversation around here because the rest of our downstair's design seems to hinge on them: How do we want to re-situate our kitchen? We have to floor under the new refrigerator location, right? How about the powder room? We want to change out that vanity, so we have to lay down floors accordingly. I'M TELLING YOU, THE FLOORS AND ALL THAT HINGES ON THEM CONSUMES OUR MINDS!!! It's so first-worldy and stupid but oh, so fun!