Finally - A Functional Play Room!

It's a miracle! I don't LOATHE our play room anymore. Hip hip hooray!

Ever since moving into the new house in March after selling our last mini house, this room has been in heavy use... by everyone except me. We hooked up the TV and video game console within the first few hours of ownership (priorities, right?), and of course, threw every last toy in there on it's bare floor and crammed all that would fit within the closet.

It was chaos, you know? The only good point to it was that we (and by we, I mean "I") didn't have to look at the disorganization in the living areas - but other than that, entering the room-of-toys was a miserable experience. The (albeit pretty) hardwood floor and (not so pretty) built-in that was already in place felt cold and horrible. 

Our ultimate plan is to completely change everything about this space (floors, move the built-in to the other side of the room and change it up, and then of course, paint!), but we needed a temporary solution to get us through to that point.

So what's a gal to do when the play room isn't her top priority on the "home improvement money spending" list? Shop the house! We hung the kids' initials up from the old nursery and bedroom over the make-shift daybed (two end caps to these beds from IKEA), and then put a cheap rug in there from Target - BOOM: instant coziness!

Next, we were in serious need of some toy editing and storage. My plan was to go to Target and grab myself some pretty baskets, but then I came across these $2.49 WASTEBASKETS!!!!!!


The whole toy storage solution price tag came out to $39! And it's SO functional. All we do is grab a bucket, play with the toys, clean up that SINGLE BUCKET'S TOYS, put it back, grab another, then repeat - truly my FAVORITE toy storage solution to date.

I mean, it's SO easy! Also, my other favorite part of this whole thing is having a USEFUL desk in here. The kids can now grab those clipboards and access the art supplies easily with this little bucket thing I picked up from Hobby Lobby for $3.99 - I MEAN, it's just so wonderful.

I love it all so much! That adorable "dream big little one" print is from HERE - love it!

So yes - life is now functional and joyful in there. It's been such a blessing to our family - game playin' and morning coffee drinkin' has been plentiful within those four walls. I'm telling you - organization is life!

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  1. Organizing is the best! It feels amazing to have functionality in your life! I love this play room/multi purpose room. Great job on all the awesome finds!