a little love for the garage

***ZERO editing has happened to these pictures because... kids. I just wanted to record what we've been up to these last 2 weekends without it taking me 50,000 years, ya dig?

I've been pretty dang lucky on the DIY front thus far - most of our projects revolve around things I want done... but Chad is the one who ends up doing the bulk of the work. (Have I mentioned that I LOVE HIM?) So after several projects around here, I seriously felt like he needed to do something for himself. (That sounds nobler than it really was)... I mean, who can say no to some legit storage in the space where I knew he'd want to work on: the garage?!

First he cleared out a massive "catch all" area along the right side of our 3 car garage. He then decided that him and Carter needed some serious storage for hockey gear - an open-air, mudroom type thing. So that's where he started!

Not bad, I'd say! I'll post a full "after" picture with all of their gear pegged on there. It actually looks super cool with everything all organized - if you're a hockey  mom, you KNOW how insane all the gear can get. So aside from the RIDICULOUSLY pungent smell of sweaty-ness, the whole thing has turned out awesome.

Next.... well this is where I feel like people think we're crazy. The previous owners had installed super legit cabinetry along two walls of the garage but... they just weren't working for us. We had stuffed a few things in there, but overall it just seemed dysfunctional. We wanted a place where we could place large bins and the standard sized cabinets weren't cutting it. So Chad stopped wasting time and just took the dang things off! We're really turning into "on the fly" DIYer's over here.

And then, per Queen Ana White's plans, he went ahead and built an 8' long row of shelves.

So that was great!

Next, Chad wanted a functional work bench. I'm so proud of him for this one! I mean, his craftsmanship is REALLY coming along - not that it was ever that poor to begin with. But with each of these garage projects, he knocked them out within an afternoon. So one afternoon for the pegboard mudroom, another for the shelving and then this was the last of them. So DANG COOL.

The underside shelf of this badass, 4x4' rolling workbench holds our spare wood from old projects. I MEAN.

What is happening to my husband? He's gone from being slightly skeptical of all of my "hey let's just do this ourselves!" outbursts to being a guy who slays projects within hours. Just this morning he BUILT A NEW MAILBOX because our old one blew over in a wind storm! Can you believe that?!

Dream DIY life over here, dream DIY life.

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