we got our first type of "order" for a retail space! (an in-progress post)

It's happened: we're actually constructing furniture for human beings other than ourselves - bahhhh! What is going on in the world? It's for this LOVELY store that's opening up here in our community of Corona: Cursive - a brick and mortar extension of the insanely beautiful blog/website, Life in Cursive by Tracy Carpenter.

I mean.... pinch me? Someone pinch me!

It's Friday today and these things are "due" tomorrow - Chad and I have been working our butts off night and day - we are truly just hoping that the quality of our work holds up and everyone just doesn't hate it all bahahaha. It's a very simple style the owner has chosen but gosh be-darn, it's giving us a run for our money! I think it's because the table top is actually heavier than the base and then there's the issue of small amounts of warping - dear baby Jesus in heaven, please PLEASE allow these things to turn out well!!!!

(I legit should be out in the garage working on these things as we speak - but hey, the ol' 8 month old says "no mama, we are not going to hang out in the hot garage right now. You will have to wait until I'm asleep." Okay fine, Gracie!)

Here are some "in progress" pictures of what we've been up to this week - this is the biggest project we've done - 11 pieces. Exciting! (ZERO editing has gone down because, again, I really should not be sitting here at my computer - I should be OUT THERE FINISHING UP!!!!!)

^^^ Before constructing anything. THE ORGANIZATION. I love it too much. On the left and in the center are the two ten foot table legs and bench bases then on the right are the kids' table cuts.

 ^^^That one time I was STOKED to finish up the kids table and (bahahahaha) the legs were SEVEN INCHES TOO SHORT!!!

^^^So naturally I took a seat then proceeded to pray upon my pew. (Clearly delirious on this night.)

 ^^^Sawdust spray tan!

^^^Here are the ten footers! This is pre-apron getting nailed on there. I really do like them like this though! So modern.

^^^I pretty much just love geometric shapes and organization. That's what these pictures are. That and bench bases.

So anyhoo, these bad boys are going out tomorrow. I've never been so stoked for something but at the same time like, holy crap, hopefully they like it. This is the first time Chad and I have done those type of table bases and I have to say, the simplicity confused the heck out of us even more than something a little more complicated, like a truss beam.We'll see! Hopefully it all goes well baha! I'll post the afters once it's all in there!

Cursive's Grand Opening is on August 5th at Dos Lagos if you're local! We'll be there! Can't wait!

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  1. very interesting design. Hope all goes well. Will be back to see how it all came out.