so long, rickety pool equipment fence - hello beauty!

The backyard is SHAPING UP, I say! I'm pretty proud of ourselves for sticking to our guns: we don't want to do anything to the inside of the new house before finishing a few projects in the backyard, what with summer upon us (OH BEAUTIFUL SUMMER, WE HAVE LOVED YOU SO!). It's been tough living in an interior of nothingness, but man-oh-man, are we loving our outdoor space.

So far we've completed our 8.5 foot restoration hardware inspired tress beam table, amazing patio furniture that we are obsessed with (shared by ANA WHITE and REMODELAHOLIC - I'm still not over it) and now A MAJOR REFRESH FROM THE PREVIOUS OWNER'S RICKETY PICKET FENCE SOLUTION TO HIDING THE POOL EQUIPMENT! 

As per usual, Chad and I thought this project would take us no time at all - maybe like a swift afternoon undertaking? Look how "simple" it looks! Just a few 4x4's, planks and some hardware - how hard could it have been? WELL IT TOOK US 3 LOOOOONG DAYS.

There were a few major things that we had to figure out - things we had never done before. For one, we had to anchor this beast to the house (which means drilling through stucco - eek, who knew how to do that? Not us! Sidenote: I'm slightly smug about that particular endeavor. When we were planning this thing out, I kept telling Chad that we needed to anchor the fence into SOMETHING - be it the concrete or the house. It couldn't just be free standing. He disagreed - he was like "it will be so heavy it won't be a problem." But I was like hey bae, love you, but you wrong yo. And I ended up being right! If we hadn't anchored it, the whole thing would have been way too rickety). Next, our original plan did not involve those 4x4's running diagonally as a sort of frame. We didn't think we would need that - both of us thought the planks in between the 4x4 posts would suffice for enough stability. But nope! Lastly, it was hot as hell while we were doing this thing. HOT. HOT. HOT. Heat means slow working, sunburns and just general ridiculousness hahaha.

Here it was BEFORE:

^^^Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah... it was short, weather-worn, leaning over and just overall aesthetically NOT PLEASING.

Here we were over the 3 days (4th of July weekend, hey-ooooo!), trying to figure it all out:

 ^^^The haul! The type of wood we used is linked below. Love that Depot!

 ^^^First we constructed a portion of the fence on the garage floor, using a 2x2 as a spacer. We later found out it was easier to create the frame, then nail the boards to it in place.

 ^^^Here we are realizing we needed to screw it to the wall - STUCCO!!!!!! Also, how about that ready-for-the-pool-but-I've-got-to-wear-practical-shoes-because-we're-projecting outfit??? Hey-O!

  ^^^This is us figuring out that a frame was necessary. Chad was screwing in the diagonal 4x4 so the whole thing wouldn't sway so easily.

 ^^^Time to screw in the other side!

 ^^^Hello beautiful frame (that may not be the "correct" way of making a frame but is CORRECT FOR US - my motto!).

 ^^^The set up! Love those new saw horses.

^^^So much easier to just nail these things onto the existing frame. That way we were able to make altercations as needed given some of the boards were slightly warped and the poles weren't standing 100% straight. It was great!

ALSO!!! How smart was this??? Chad suggested that we take those boards that would be right next to the a/c unit and screw them in (as opposed to using the nail gun for them). That way if we ever need to really access the ol' unit, it would be an easy un-screwing. HE'S A GENIUS.

Normally with our projects I genuinely believe that Chad and I contribute 50/50. There are so many factors that goes into projecting, from someone holding something flush, to the design, to the finishing work, to filling in dang nail holes - all the way down to who can hold the baby while the other one paints! THIS project though - this project required MUSCLE! Chad was THE hero here. I may have come up with how I wanted the whole thing to look aesthetically, but my contribution was nothing compared to his. THANK YOU, CHAD!!!!!


The lumber cost us about $300 from the Depot. We ended up purchasing a ton of tools with this haul, so the total price came out to just a biiiiiiiiiiiit more, but hey. Tools are life, man!

4x4 posts
Fence planks - $1.38 each!
2x6x10 toppers

We discovered a love affair with Milwaukee Tools. It was great. Chad is in love. I am too!

If you would like to pin, go ahead and do it here! (Or any of the above pictures. Who am I to be bossy ;)

And just for good measure, here are some side-by-sides:

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