diy restoration hardware console table

I heard once that creative beings change their minds a lot - I'm here to report that this is correct. Chad and I have lived in approximately 405,000 different homes in our 8+ years of marriage - do you know how many furniture changes that computes to? Baha! Truth.

Anyhoo, I ended up moving this console table from behind the couch in the family room to the entryway. These sad, Z Gallerie inspired paintings I had made (that, please don't remind me, look NOTHING like something one would purchase at the Z) needed some serious love - they just looked so lonely. And (embarrassingly) bad.

Funny story about this console table: I gifted it to Chad for Christmas back when I had no idea what I was doing with a power drill - it's actually super rickety, complete with screws popping out everywhere. Usually people think the decor I place on top of it is because, hey, it looks good on there - but no. The decor is strategically placed to hide stripped screws that won't go in any further. Also, one of the posts swivels bahaha. And when I say "I gifted it to Chad," what I really mean is I was gifting it to myself and disguising it as a "hey, I love you so much! Here's a table I made with my bare hands!" But really, I just wanted an entryway table in our old house. 

So this table was super easy to make. I got:

- 3 4x4x8's
- 2 1x8x6's
- A whole lot of mismatched screws
- A Milwaukee power drill

I miter saw cut the 4x4's into 34" posts, then proceeded to drill the whole thing together in the most basic of ways: no pocket holes, no real thought at all, if I'm being honest. I had never used a drill before, so I'm pretty dang lucky I didn't kill myself in the process bahaha. The drill was working me, not the other way around hahaha.

All of that happened in our old house. Now this amazing thing is making a name for herself in the new home. My plan is to make a new one, probably with 2x8x8's on the top and bottom in order to easily use pocket holes (from the 4x4's into the 2x8x8's). We've come such a far way with our diy knowledge! It's awesome. We love it!

Projects are LIFE!

Pretty lil' pins, if you're interested!

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