diy restoration hardware console table

I heard once that creative beings change their minds a lot - I'm here to report that this is correct. Chad and I have lived in approximately 405,000 different homes in our 8+ years of marriage - do you know how many furniture changes that computes to? Baha! Truth.

Anyhoo, I ended up moving this console table from behind the couch in the family room to the entryway. These sad, Z Gallerie inspired paintings I had made (that, please don't remind me, look NOTHING like something one would purchase at the Z) needed some serious love - they just looked so lonely. And (embarrassingly) bad.

Funny story about this console table: I gifted it to Chad for Christmas back when I had no idea what I was doing with a power drill - it's actually super rickety, complete with screws popping out everywhere. Usually people think the decor I place on top of it is because, hey, it looks good on there - but no. The decor is strategically placed to hide stripped screws that won't go in any further. Also, one of the posts swivels bahaha. And when I say "I gifted it to Chad," what I really mean is I was gifting it to myself and disguising it as a "hey, I love you so much! Here's a table I made with my bare hands!" But really, I just wanted an entryway table in our old house. 

we got our first type of "order" for a retail space! (an in-progress post)

It's happened: we're actually constructing furniture for human beings other than ourselves - bahhhh! What is going on in the world? It's for this LOVELY store that's opening up here in our community of Corona: Cursive - a brick and mortar extension of the insanely beautiful blog/website, Life in Cursive by Tracy Carpenter.

I mean.... pinch me? Someone pinch me!

It's Friday today and these things are "due" tomorrow - Chad and I have been working our butts off night and day - we are truly just hoping that the quality of our work holds up and everyone just doesn't hate it all bahahaha. It's a very simple style the owner has chosen but gosh be-darn, it's giving us a run for our money! I think it's because the table top is actually heavier than the base and then there's the issue of small amounts of warping - dear baby Jesus in heaven, please PLEASE allow these things to turn out well!!!!

so long, rickety pool equipment fence - hello beauty!

The backyard is SHAPING UP, I say! I'm pretty proud of ourselves for sticking to our guns: we don't want to do anything to the inside of the new house before finishing a few projects in the backyard, what with summer upon us (OH BEAUTIFUL SUMMER, WE HAVE LOVED YOU SO!). It's been tough living in an interior of nothingness, but man-oh-man, are we loving our outdoor space.

So far we've completed our 8.5 foot restoration hardware inspired tress beam table, amazing patio furniture that we are obsessed with (shared by ANA WHITE and REMODELAHOLIC - I'm still not over it) and now A MAJOR REFRESH FROM THE PREVIOUS OWNER'S RICKETY PICKET FENCE SOLUTION TO HIDING THE POOL EQUIPMENT! 

As per usual, Chad and I thought this project would take us no time at all - maybe like a swift afternoon undertaking? Look how "simple" it looks! Just a few 4x4's, planks and some hardware - how hard could it have been? WELL IT TOOK US 3 LOOOOONG DAYS.