z gallerie inspired canvases with paint samples for the house

***UPDATE: you can see how I styled this project here!

What's a chick to do when she needs to pick up paint samples for her house but ALSO wants to swing through Z Gallerie in pursuit of canvased art to give the empty entryway some love? KILL TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE, THAT'S WHAT!

So I headed to Home Depot to grab some paint samples for the house because the ol' girl could use an update (Kendall Charcoal and Simply White from Benjamin Moore but with Behr paint). After grabbing 2 canvases from Hobby Lobby for 50% off, I then spent the rest of the day experimenting with the two different tones by adding white until my heart was happy, both on the canvases and on the actual walls. Add a little white here, a little white there not only for the art's effect, but to figure out just how light I wanted the grey to end up on the walls with the current paint color as it's predecessor.

While I was attempting this whole art thing, I obsessively looked at Z Gallerie's canvased art selection. I noticed that I was always drawn to the ones with a bit of glam in there - glitter and shinyness forever, I guess? I just LOVED them! So over the neutral grey's of my experiment, I decided to add a metallic paint and ATTEMPT to recreate some type of thang from their amazing collection. Also, I loved the drip look from Tatertots and Jello's tutorial, then got further tips on how to attain the drip look from here. So I guess what I was trying to do was a big freakin' mixture of all of them.


^^^After acknowledging the world's WORST PLACED VENT (WOOOOOOORST), I hung the canvases up just to get a good feel. (I mean, really with that vent? Not only is it off center, but it's SOOO LOOOOOW. Look at the size of that wall! It's placement has actually kept me up at night bahahaha.)

^^^Next I gathered my materials. The two paint colors, canvases, cheap tarps, a cup to make the ombre mixtures (I poured a little bit of the charcoal into the cup for the first "stripe, then added white for each "bar" after that, ending with the majority of the cup being the infused white with only a little bit of the charcoal left). Then, to create a drip, I got myself a handy dandy spray bottle.

^^^Then it was fast moving!!! As soon as I painted the darkest stripe in the charcoal up there, I had to immediately add white and move onto the next area. I didn't use enough paint resulting in a major lack of ombre flow in my finished product - USE A TON OF PAINT so it will drip! Anyhoo, as soon as I was done painting the whole thing, I sprayed water on the charcoal like a crazy woman - COATED IT IN WATER. Then, because the main reason for this whole thing was to see what type of grey we would like, I let the kids paint on the walls, always comparing it to the Simply White because that will be our batten board color that we are planning on installing (different from the last house's though).

^^^...and then all of a sudden it took a really awkward, ugly turn for the worst. I really did NOT like the non-ombre-ness because the stripes were so prominent due to my lack of blending and not using enough paint. Also, my world-class "trickling down of the metallic" effect? No. These bad boys needed some serious help, so off the wall then went and into the back yard we headed.

^^^...and because I felt like the whole project was going to have to be scrapped due to it's depressing state, when Kota asked if she could do "polka dots" on the thing, I said yes and holy bejoli - IT TRANSFORMED THE WHOLE FEEL OF IT!!! She really did make it look so much better!!! The eye of a 5 year old, I tell ya.

Now it looks a whole lot more "trickley." And honestly, just like my last post (THAT GOT SHARED BY ANA WHITE AND REMODELAHOLIC OH MY GOODNESS I AM NOT WORTHY!), it's definitely far from perfect, but it's perfect for US! In fact, it actually photographs pretty dang terribly. It really does look better in person - and my paint samples over there to the left of the art? Doesn't exactly help the situation. But I like it (now)! The metallic really did take it up a notch. So up it shall stay.

Now I'm trying to restrain myself from running to the Depot and buying myself fixins to make a table to go underneath those thangs.

Final cost: $65!!!!!!!! Works for me! Better than $1,099 for the canvas I wanted from the Z. But truly, I'm not about to talk crap on ze Z Gallerie. I love that place.

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