insanely expensive outdoor taste on an insanely tight budget - patio furniture diy!

* Really quick: like all of our projects, this set isn't PERFECT, but it's PERFECT FOR US. Pocket holes and other screws are still visible, but hey - as long as no one gets any splinters and they won't fall apart, I'M ALL ABOUT 'EM.

The absolute NUMBER ONE AND ONLY REASON Chad and I ever turn to DIY always comes down to cost - ALWAYS. In fact, in our new house, I got a little high-falutin'ish - I started making sweeping statements like "Oh yeah, I just don't want to DO that, who wants to get their hands dirty? Let's just hire someone!" thinking I was hot sh**. Then, feeling super cool, I would call a few contractors and/or specialists in whatever project I wanted to accomplish, resulting in several different quotes. THEN... I would remember why we DIY bahaha.

So anyway, imagine my surprise when with what I thought to be a "higher than usual" budget to spend on patio furniture turned out to be pretty dang low on the totem pole of outdoor seating options. I had $500 to spend on whatever the heck I wanted out there! Lounge furniture to enjoy the pool with - how exciting! How unlike us, entering into the retail jungle with $500 in our pocket, ready to SPEND like the high rollers we thought we were! Well - come to find out, $500 could buy us two very cheap-looking chairs with - wait for it - cheap-looking ottomans to go with them! No table, though. No, no. Not for $500.

It was so depressing! Pinterest to the rescue though, duh.

FINALLY, I found something I liked (right there above. All the heart eyes). It was super simple looking, so how expensive could it really have been? OH YOU KNOW, JUST A SMOOTH $2,659 FOR ONE CHAIR! $3,000+ FOR THE MATCHING COUCH! NO BIG DEAL!!!!!! I mean, are you kidding me? I'd like to meet the humans who are spending that much on their outdoor sets - can we be friends?

(No but for real, those above are apart of a teak set, hence the high price tag.)

But look how simple they are!!!! I told Chad, "Hey man - we've got $500 to spend on this situation. Let's just make these things. Look how simple they are!" and he agreed. We did a little bit of mental engineering and decided we wanted to use 4x4's for the frames to sort of match our tress beam table and benches. We chose to do a different stain (weathered grey) - it's still growing on me. It didn't take to the 4x4's and the table the same and then with the color cushions we had gotten (navy blue), the whole thing does look a little... much. But oh well! After a year out on the patio I'm sure the set will weather a bit and end up looking super natural out there. (Upon cushion replacement though, I may get some white ones just to make the wood pop.)

So we bought the cushions from Lowe's and made the plans around their dimensions. We accidentally made them a bit too low on our first go around so we had to add an additional 4x4 to lift the chairs up from the ground a bit but hey, it resulted in our own design type thing.

 ^^^And then Chad also built a table go along with the set. Love him!

...And one more time with the finish product - it's where we've been spending our lives! We love it TOO much.

Annnnnnnd in functional situations! LOVE.

^^^Here we were enjoying the whole thing on Mother's Day - we had just finished days prior. It's such a blessing to get to make these type things with ma'man. He's the bomb. These projects give me LIFE!

Two small things: a) I was particularly proud of this project because we didn't get any plans for them anywhere - it was just our own result from team work. So great! (Clearly isn't exactly a tutorial post - those type things take me 10 years to do, I'm not super great at listing all the detail oriented things that goes down, and... kids. Ha! But this project just involved straight cuts with a miter saw and screws - easy peasy!)  And b), and these things are SOLID. The kids climb all over them like monkeys, a fact which wouldn't have been possible without breakage had we spent the $500 on the flimsy patio furniture that we had been seeing. REAL wood for the win!

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