restoration hardware truss beam outdoor table base - our first diy in the new house!

Way back in 2014, right after we bought our first house, Chad and I tried our hand at DIY for the first time. We made THIS table (and it straight up took us 2 weeks - TWO WEEKS TO COMPLETE THAT PROJECT - bahahaha. We were SO inexperienced). Here's a pic from that precious post - we were so thrilled with ourselves! (And how about that cute 4-year-old-at-the-time Carter?)

So yes, preciousness. Looking back, constructing it in that way was probably the most roundabout process ever in terms of making a table - I mean, kindaaaaaa over kill (hence the 2 weeks construction timeline?... Let's be real, we were just slow workers back in da day). But hey, it was the first thing we ever made and gosh dangit we loved it then and we love it now. 

That table top has lived a full life since 2014 - making a stint as our master bedroom's headboard for a bit there - and now is nestled in our backyard upon a new TRUSS BEAM BASE that we, a much more experienced DIY duo, completed.


But anyhoo, here was a bit of us making it (in pictures). Honestly, who needs an additional tutorial from me (like I've done in past posts on this here record-o'-our-projects blog) when every DIY we ever tackle comes from a much more DETAILED and HELPFUL tutorial anyway?
 ^^^One of the two benches we made! So darling!

^^^Before sanding it down and staining it, we moved it into it's spot just to see how the ol' girl would look! We ended up keeping 'er there for a few weeks, eating outside almost everyday - I'd say we were in love.

^^^Time to sand, stain and weather-proof! We've got some cute helpers ;)

^^^My favorite accessory right there!

I'm so glad we have a solid, huge, beast-of-a-table out there. And with Chad's new pride and joy (his grill/smoker), the whole outdoors just got a whole lot more fun.

2.5 months in the new home is looking pret-ty darn great, I have to say :)

*One thing we skipped from Ana's tutorial (and the Restoration Hardware version of this table - HOW ABOUT THAT FREAKIN' PRICE TAG?!!!!!! HOLY HECK! $2,895-4,295! Oh my goodness. Thank the Lord for husbands who indulge their wives' champagne tastes on beer budgets!) were those two pretty beams that come down in the middle (if you checked out the tutorial, you know what I'm talking about). I asked Chad if he wanted to add them last second before staining but he said he liked it the way it is here - simple. Works for me! Love him!


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