Our last DIY before selling our tiny first home

Well gosh-be-darn, we bought a new house (UNEXPECTEDLY!). If you're interested, you can see what went down here on the ol' family blogular. But I just couldn't skip over our final DIY at the old house on this here home improvement project site of mine! It would be blasphemous.

So anyway, this project started out with us just wanting to oomph up the entryway, specifically this one, giant wall - it was just a huge, blank, vaulted ceiling-ed thing of nothingness. When I discovered Lauren over at Blesser House and began stalking her site regularly, I became transfixed by her DIY batten board project and so it was decided - BATTEN BOARD IT WAS!
So yes, anyhoo, it started off as us just wanting to do that one, entryway wall. But then, when we (very briefly) decided it would be in our best interest to stay in our tiny home for a few more years (baha! We were unaware of how we would be selling the ol' thing just months later), the project's scale escalated. All of a sudden, instead of just doing the one entryway wall, we decided to do the 7' batten around the ENTIRE entryway ROOM. So just to start things off, we did the entryway walls on BOTH sides (making one section into a tiny mudroom type area) and wrapped it around to the wall where we had a TV mounted.

We did it all based off of THIS tutorial - straight from Blesser Heart OF COURSE. (If she leaves, I will find her, Wedding Crasher style. Obsessed with her visions!)

*Lame photography comin' atchyu. I got lazy and didn't want to edit.

^^^Not horrible, but just BORING.


1. We skipped the whole MDF thing (even though I'm pretty sure that's the "proper" way of executing batten board) opting instead for a few easy-on-the-pocket-book coats of paint. It took 4 coats - with white you can't mess around! After that we framed out the top of the project with a few 1x4's nailed to the wall with Chad's baby, the ol' nail gun. EASY PEASY.

2. Next it was time to space out the batten! It was SUCH a tough process doing this - oh man... We had to do the arduous task of placing a batten board at each end of the giant wall, then one in the middle of those two, then two in the middle of those sections, then more in the middle of those ones (baha! Easiest thing ever). Then we went through and individually measured the horizontal space between the batten. Each time it was different. Some were 18" apart, others were 21" - it's worth it to take the time to do this step! Don't just go out to the garage and cut a bunch of the same-sized horizontal boards - it will be a waste of your time. Measure twice, cut once, ya dig?

SO WE ADDED A BOTTOM SET OF BOARDS WHICH VARIES FROM THE ORIGINAL TUTORIAL. In our home, on top of the already-existing baseboards, leaving the bottom open gave it an unfinished look. It was Chad's suggestion to add that bottom step and I'm glad we did. How pretty does it look, all buttoned up like that?

 3. Next it was filler time (or spackle? Who knows what the correct wording is baha!). There I am SUPER pregnant with little Gracie!!!!!!!! So cute.

Doing this part of any project is always the WORST PART for me. These finishing steps suck - they just do. No one wants to spackle. No one likes to sand. It's awful, boring, mind-numbing and just one big fat hurdle before the finished product. But of course, it's so important to get that super amazing, finished look. So spackle (or fill?) we did! (Spackle, then sand to get a flat surface where the boards meet.)

^^^Okay so see what I mean with the white paint? It's streaky and easy-to-see-through on almost ANY surface. So we actually ended up doing a FIFTH coat to give it that bright white look.
4. Next it was PAINT, PAINT, PAINT, PAINT, PAINT! We added hooks to that area on the right, creating a cute little mudroom-esque type feel and we actually ended up painting the door Hale Navy because the off whiteness of it looked like puke compared to the bright white of the project.

And here is the rest of the project we finished a few weeks later! I really loved it! The plan was to complete the rest of the room but then we ended up selling it.

So anyhoo, not the most detailed blog post ever but you get the gist, amiright? Also, like I said, we followed Miss Lauren's tutorial anyway, so pop over there if ya fancy more dets. Bottom line from me: we used Behr Premium Plus for the paint as always (around $27 per gallon - who knows how many we went through for this project - I want to say 3 or 4 gallons?) and a whole lotta 1x4's from the Depot, each weighing in at a whopping $3.62 per board - WINNING.

I loved what this project did for our home. It made EVERY picture the sexiest thing ever. Batten board just does that!
^^^December 2016! See how pretty it is? Bah! Makes me miss that little ol' place. Now we've got to DIY our way through our new house :)

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