farmhouse kitchen table turned headboard

So... when Chad and I were were planning out how we were going to actually LIVE in our sweet little home, the first thing on our minds was that we SO didn't need the dumb formal living room - I mean, who did we think we were? Grown ups or something? People who would say words like, "No-no kids! Out of this room - don't touch ANYTHING!" So not us. Instead of such ridiculousness, we decided to make what would have been the formal living room into a "formal" dining space - having a place to eat with family and friends sounded a lot cooler to us than the alternative.

Thus brought us to our IKEA hack farmhouse table DIY taken from this tutorial. Here she is in December of 2014, albeit under horrific photography...

...But then... I kind of wanted a separate living space in addition to our very-much-used family room as the months went on. That room was originally built for humans to hang out in on a regular basis! At most we would eat with our family and friends 1 time per week - the other days that room was just an empty box with a large farmhouse table in it. Totally unusable. Also, I wanted a place to hang out without the kids when we DID have people over.

But since we didn't want to necessarily get rid of our ginormous DIY'd farmhouse gloriousness, we didn't know what to do. For the time being, I moved it into the spot where our "less formal" table was, leaving that room (^^^) empty and chucking the other table we had which we ate upon everyday. Sounds like a good solution, eh? Well, it was SO huge, it COMPLETELY dominated the space. LIKE TOOK OVER. It drove me insane. I couldn't look in the direction of the table because my eyeballs KNEW it wasn't right, but at the same time, they couldn't AVOID looking at the table because... THERE IT WAS.

I don't even HAVE a picture of her humongousness in this new spot, a tell tale sign I didn't like how the whole thing looked. But here is my babe doing some homework on just a tiny percentage of her entire body. The back end was completely pushed against the wall and the part of the table you can't see almost reached INSIDE the kitchen! It cut the house in two! (But how about those wood grains? So pretty!)

Anyway, it was so annoying. We loved the big beast with everything we had - after all, this was DIY #2 after the freshening up of the ol' kitchen and entertainment center - we couldn't just NOT LIKE the table. But WHAT TO DO ABOUT THE SITUATION?

After tons and tons of thinking and scheming and thinking and scheming (is it sad that I have to call it "scheming?" Sometimes Chad gets tired of hearing me talk about "what we NEED to do to the house next" monologues), I declared to hubby that we were GOING to redo our master bedroom and our huge table top was GOING to be our headboard because we just couldn't STAND to get rid of it, so we had to use it SOMEWHERE.

He thought it was a little nuts, but couldn't think of why not - SO OFF CAME HER LEGS AND UP ONTO THE WALL SHE WENT! Just right up there!

It's still not a perfect solution to the ol' too-big-for-our-mini-home farmhouse table because she's skinnier than our bed, therefore drives me just slightly insane, but hey, it's a lot better than the space the ol' beast took up in our main living area.


1. Given that this original DIY was an IKEA hack, unscrewing the supporting legs was easy peasy - we just got a phillips screwdriver and took those things off!

2. Next, Chad screwed a 2x4 into a few studs in the wall where the table headboard would touch.

3. We rested the big beast upon the 2x4 and then Chad screwed the apron of the former table into the top of the 2x4. Nice and secure!

^^^So easy and wonderful!


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