what's in a name?

Well, I've got that creative itch again, so what's a gal to do? Create a blog! It's a necessary outlet, I've surmised. But here's the thing: I've been recording the life of my sweet family since 2010 over on Three's 4 Me - something I'm still very much in love with after all 6 years! At that time, I had a 7 month old baby and was just looking for some "productive me time" - direct words from that very first post. So awesome! But anyhoo, now I feel like I want to write in a more poignant way regarding the things I've come to be passionate about, as opposed to my life journaling found over on la originalle blog. I'm not even sure when I'll tell friends, family or the few followers that are left over at T4M that I started this one! Who knows! I JUST NEED A CREATIVE OUTLET DARNIT!

But anyway, one of the points of this here blog is to record what Chad and I have done/been doing on our very first owned home. We've had several rentals, but this - THIS IS OUR FIRST HOME HOME. It's a big deal (to us)!!!! Over years of renting, one could say finding our "style" didn't exactly come easily - sometimes when I rake through T4M's archives I just sit there laughing at how (sometimes) horrific our living spaces were. But hey, that's okay! It's a fun journey, and it IS quite the journey, ain't it? (Currently: still on the ride.)

SO WHAT DOES MINI HOUSE, MIGHTY HEARTS MEAN? Well, this very first home owned by little ol' us is kind of miniature - not that I'm complaining! I love her small size. She's a darling. Every inch of her 1,350 square feet is treasured. Inside this mini house of ours lives what I like to think of as our mighty hearts - Chad (hubby man), Mama Nicole (me), Carter (six year old man child), Kota (4 year old pumpkin pie) and last but certainly not least, Grace (right now she's doing flips and turns in my tummy - so precious). 

So yay! I can't wait to organize and record the things Chad and I have done in this current sweet house of ours (some posts will be in hindsight as we've been here for almost two years, but I truly feel like we have just RECENTLY found our stride, so that will be fun writing out). It will be fun! I'm excited!

Here was the very first post involving our home from Three's 4 Me (brought over to mini house, mighty hearts).

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