entertainment center "freshening up" phase 1

*Photography... not so great ;) what can ya do? This phase of the entertainment center project was done before I cared about photo quality - haha!

I call this "phase 1" of the entertainment center project because we've actually DIY'd even MORE to this space since 2014, a project which ended up being so extensive it deserves it's own post. Straight up!

So we DIY'd this beast in tandem with our kitchen, given their proximity. As mentioned, el kitcheno was executed during the first few weeks of homeownership, so all of this was put behind us in October of 2014, but it's still one of my favorite projects to date because it really shows the importance of PAINT, COLOR, and how that had major bearings on our MOODS!
The center went from a depressing, dark hole of oak nothingness >>> less eye offensive white.

Every last bit of this area of the house was "rehabbed" (rehabbed! That's what I'm calling this area, it was SO BAD before!) the same way we did the kitchen.
^^^The caption underneath this Instagram picture was "Only 59 more of those little notches to go, but who's counting?" HAHA! 

 ^^^Not stoked about this "photography," if one could call it that! Check out that Hunger Games TV watchin' action!


1.First we sanded each and every inch of this detailed beast (SO-MANY-NOTCHES-AND-RIDGES - alleluia for that automatic sander, but sheesh it was a bear to complete. We had to be extremely meticulous, especially with the detailed grooves. I was unaware of this product, but had I known, you betchya bottom dollar I would have used it! To just swipe over liquid and successfully take off the varnish??!!! Bah!

2. Next we primed EVERY INCH of the wood we had just stripped. Again, THE DETAIL!

3. Then we proceeded to layer on 4 coats of semi-gloss Premium Plus Ultra Pure White, just like the kitchen. We were lucky though, because at least with this project (as opposed to the kitchen), the TV would be hiding a good majority of painting space. It's not like anyone was going to be able to see into that big, unnecessary hole, so we got to relax a bit in regards to painting that area. This particular color was just found straight up on the Home Depot shelves. There was no mixing involved - I just saw on the shelf "Pure White" and picked it up! So it's a sort of "stock" item in the Depot? I have no idea how you would categorize it, but it was easy to go pick up more gallons of it as needed. 

4. Next we let that THOROUGHLY dry over several days (it was lucky for us that we hadn't moved in yet. Could you IMAGINE?).

So yes, the whiteness is what we ended up with in October of 2014 - so much better than the original. It truly brightened up EVERYTHING, instead of making us want to gauge our eyeballs out from the depressingness that was the dark oak.

Total cost? About $28, if even that! I'm not 100% sure this even took one full gallon of paint - it may have been less! Either way - WOW. Just like the kitchen, we already owned the hand sander, which helped the low price tag. HOW ABOUT THAT?!

I can't wait to put together "phase 2" of this project! Currently it's one of my FAVORITE places in the house, thanks to more hard work and pinterest-scouring from Chad and I. So much fun!


*Again, photos were taken most often in the middle of the night so... what photography? ;) 

**This project was ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS WE DID AFTER CLOSING ESCROW, so all was executed in October of 2014.


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