diy farmhouse kitchen table

Well folks, nice crap is expensive. You want a cute little tabletop to feed family and friends when they come over? Okay, that will be $2,500!!!!!!! Oh, a complimentary bench to go with your good taste? An extra $500!!!! WHAT THE HECK. Not exactly cohesive with two people who just want to keep it simple and not file for bankruptcy. He he he he ho ho ho ho. No but really, things are way too expensive out there. 

When we decided to devote what probably was meant to be the formal living room into a full on dining room (UPDATE: that area has been changed back into a formal living room haha!), we knew a large table was needed. The idea of having an awesome, big space for tons and tons of people to come over and enjoy good food seemed more awesome than two separate sitting areas, even though I do sort of want an additional space away from the kiddos sometimes when friends visit (she says after everything is said and done). After deciding that we certainly were not okay with spending our childrens' college tuitions on a table and chairs, we got to scouring Pinterest. Chad, the self proclaimed hater of all things country and everything that falls under the category of "farm," actually was totally excited to build a farmhouse table! I think our kitchen makeover was a confidence booster - we were rarin' to go. We found an awesome tutorial and went to work. 


1. First we went to IKEA and got two small tables for the base of the whole thing. As soon as we got home, we constructed both tables - easy.

2. Then we headed to Home Depot to get all of our wood for the table top, and then just had them cut it there (this was pre-miter saw ownership). 

3. Next, Chad laid a "sub floor" type thing on top of the two IKEA tables as they stood end-to-end with scrap wood we had in our garage (I think they're 1x4's? Not 100% sure). This was the base of what was going to be the farmhouse table-esque looking top. 

4. Then we got to lying the boards together on top of the subfloor, all while using more nails than we thought humanly possible. The thing really is a death trap underneath. (UPDATE and NOTE: this was written and done BEFORE we knew what we were doing WHATSOEVER. Hahaha! We were individually pounding in the pretty finishing nails in ourselves - pre-nail gun ownership as well! Total hammer action was going on in here. Also, the nails we got were slightly larger than the width of the boards sooooo, hence the death trap. Bahaha! My goodness! Oh, DIY! TRULY we had no idea what we were doing during this project). There were rogue nails just poking out everywhere under there! The kids were told that they WERE NOT ALLOWED UNDER THE DINING ROOM TABLE many times, and in a really nice tone of voice too. ;)

Anyhoo, the construction took us about a day and a half, then we went for the stain. That part was quick of course, but was stressful! Did I want it light or dark? Was one side a heavier hue than the other? Ahhh, it was freaky. Thankfully, we were done in just a few days, again with trooper children hanging close by. 

We hosted one dinner party a week for family up until Thanksgiving to break the ole' girl in. Happily that gosh darn thing stayed up and sturdy - I was really nervous to give it a spin with each new family that rolled through! 

The most awesome part of all was the price tag: $275 for the whole darn thing. Once we get chairs, it will be the most expensive part! Again, we are happy we just busted through and got this thing done. Wooohooooo for really enjoying DIYing! Who the heck have we turned into??!
^^^Thanksgiving 2014!!!

*Photos were taken most often in the middle of the night so... what photography? ;) 

**This project was THE SECOND THING WE DID AFTER CLOSING ESCROW, so all was executed in October of 2014.

***Parts of post were taken from T4M.


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