master bedroom inspiration

For some reason I'm feeling like DARK is the way to go with this room - woo!!! We've never done something like that so I'm STOKED. Let me tell you though, the "convincing Chad that this will be cool" portion of the whole endeavor is proving to be pretty dang hard. He just can't wrap his head around actually CHOOSING to paint a ceiling or any other wall a color that, according to the universal laws of painting rooms, would either make it feel smaller or would suck up all the light. But I'm over here like "hey babe, this house is our coloring book! Let's just do it!"

So anyhoo, since typing things out on my other blog almost always ensures that it WILL come to be, I must record some inspiration up in here! It's a pretty one-sided inspo post, being that Chad has nothing to do with it hahaha, but hey. Maybe if I compile my thoughts here he'll step over to the dark side? Worth a shot.

Also, this grasscloth wallpaper situation? I freakin' love it. Chad wants NOTHING to do with wallpaper - understandably, given how we usually operate which is like so: I keep telling him "when we want to take it down we'll hire someone to do it," but I know in his head he's like "yeah... we say that now, but watch, I'll be the one to have to peel it off the wall..." I get it! But seriously. LOVING the grasscloth. 

We also have a big ol' built in in there that has warm undertones to it's white paint. Originally I wanted to paint it either a bright white or whatever color we end up painting the walls but now I'm like no. That's another reason I want to go with the grasscloth. I feel like it will compliment the built in so beautifully! I can't wait to move forward, no matter what we do. None of it will happen until after New Year's so I'm just having fun by looking around at things, but man is it a blast! Woo!

master closet re-do

**So I totally hit a weird funk when it comes to this fun little hobby of documenting the ol' projects around here. In combination with recording what we were up to in the new house, I made an Instagram account to... if I'm being painfully, cringe-worthily, embarrassingly honest... pull a few more viewers over to this little realm of the internets. You know how it goes... visions of grandeur. TOTALLY against the whole point of this here space which is to just have a gosh darn good time, a bit of fun for me. I got caught up in a rush of feeling like my posts were getting shared on larger platforms (which, happily, a few were!)... but who really cares about that because inevitably, I knew it would lead to "taking it all too seriously" - those thoughts ALWAYS end up biting me in the butt because they are the antidote to creativity. So back to fun!!!!!! Back to not giving a hoot how my stupid Instagram photos are "styled" - who freakin' cares!!!

Anyway, I had started writing this post a few weeks (months?) ago, so now that I'm feelin' inspired to get back in the fun-writing-saddle, here goes:

Like the garage make over and the pantry do-over, our master bedroom closet was nothing to complain about in terms of what the previous owners had provided us - but there was just something about the whole thing that didn't work! It's like there were already nice elements in there, but the functionality wasn't happening. Maybe we're just high maintenance humans? I don't know. But here's something funny: while I was uploading these "before" photos to my computer, I thought, "what was wrong with the original? If we had just organized a little bit more it probably would have helped our cause out a lot. Bahaha!"

No but truly, when one would walk into the original layout, claustrophobia was at an all time high. Immediately to the left was a (albeit very nice) shelving unit, so you couldn't really lift your left arm to do anything. Then, because the built-in dresser and another shelving unit were to the right, the previous people had taken off the door because it would hit the drawers (both couldn't be open at the same time). This made it so every time I walked into the master bathroom, a world of clutter was staring me in the face (again, probably a little organization would have helped us out in this department hahaha). Lastly, the dowels and clothes-hanging areas really did all blend together in a mish-mash of ways - it was stressful going in there!

Chad has an ungodly amount of clothes - he always has, probably always will. When we first got married, I was sorting through it all and couldn't believe the volume of winter clothes (UH WE LIVE IN CALIFORNIA - WINTER WEAR IS BASICALLY THE SAME AS SUMMER APPAREL BUT THERE WAS "WINTER WEAR" NONE THE LESS). It was hilarious and still is! The man just has a ton of clothes. Oh and shoes? He's got a bunch of those too. I am glad though that he enjoys this stuff - at least he likes looking put together! But anyhoo, all of those clothes and (large) shoes needed a place to go, so one day we just tore the whole closet apart on a whim. I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Once Chad lifted the built-ins, we found the original carpet underneath (which  meant there were two types of carpet in the small walk-in - the original then what a past owner had put down on top of it). That discovery led to Chad tearing up all of the carpet - DIY YOU SLIPPERY SLOPE, YOU! I was secretly thrilled though. My man headed to the garage, accessed the leftover hardwood floors from the previous owner and then went to the Depot to spend $50 on that liner right there.

That's how much this closet thing has cost us so far: FIFTY BUCKS! Win! (I need to buy a mirror still but hey! Not bad!)

This was his first go at laying down flooring - I'd say it was a MAJOR WIN. While it was empty and before the floors were fully laid, I gave the little room a coat of white paint - even the ceiling! It felt great!

Then we needed to figure out the layout. At first I had this totally crazy "ground breaking" design - bahaha. I'm glad we didn't do what I had originally wanted though. There's still a TINY part of me that thinks about what potential buyers would think if we DID sell this bad boy. (It's disgusting that I would even say that given our PERPETUAL MOVER STATUS that we're still trying to shake.)

Then there was lots of finagling around! I'm so glad Chad has the gift of spacial relations. Honestly he always comes in clutch when we're trying to do these type things. He just has an eye for it all! He was the one who came up with the closet layout.

One of the challenges was that legit-mo'-effin' safe built into the wall (installed by the previous owners). They were ADAMANT second amendment supporters, so they had these type things installed in several spots of the house (this is the only built-into-the-wall type safe, but several pieces of their furniture had electronic boxes screwed to them in hidden areas). So anyway, we had to figure out a layout that would accommodate for the safe. I plan on using that dowel that's hanging there above it as an outfit-planning type thing. Like "hang our clothes up for the week" area (and to hide it - it's not exactly the prettiest thing to look at.

THIS WAS MY FAVORITE PART! Chad re-installed the door that had been stored in the garage up until this point. YES. It looks sooooo much better up there.

We also installed those dresser pulls - the original plan was to DIY these leather loop pulls (I thought it would be a great masculine feature to the whole look), but straight up, those pulls looked SO BAD. So we took them off and screwed in a few dresser pulls we had lying around. It wasn't exactly what I had envisioned for the large dresser and I still don't LOVE them, but it works!

Now here we are, months later, and the only other thing I've purchased for the space (which I'm too lazy to go up and take a picture of) is one of those $14 mirrors from target that you screw to the wall. It sounds soooooooo simple and underwhelming that I got THAT mirror, but gosh dangit this closet is now EXACTLY what I wanted out of the whole endeavor in the first place. I can now step inside the area, close the door and get changed in my - wait for it - CHANGING ROOM, not just closet (!!!!). Bahahaha! That's what I told Chad when we first started: "I want a changing room, my dear, not just an ordinary closet." This reason rested in the fact that Carter is a silent creeper of the house, and with him getting older, I didn't want him to silently creep into our room while I was stark naked getting dressed - SURELY THAT WOULD LEAD HIM TO BEING SCARRED FOR LIFE.

So yes - WIN!!!! I love it, Chad loves it, and after months of actually USING it, functionally it's very on point. YAY!!!!

In which my pantry wasn't large enough to house my m&m's obsession so we built a new one

Wahoo! It's happened: my insane sweet tooth now has affected the architecture of our home. WIN!

No, just kidding. For real though, we already had a pretty great, large pantry in the kitchen. The only problem with it was that Chad loathed the whole thing. He didn't like how deep it was (we couldn't see what we actually had or didn't have), he didn't like the width of the shelves, he didn't really like ANYTHING about it. In fact, he wants to demo that there built-in pantry below on the left hand side.

Finally - A Functional Play Room!

It's a miracle! I don't LOATHE our play room anymore. Hip hip hooray!

Ever since moving into the new house in March after selling our last mini house, this room has been in heavy use... by everyone except me. We hooked up the TV and video game console within the first few hours of ownership (priorities, right?), and of course, threw every last toy in there on it's bare floor and crammed all that would fit within the closet.

It was chaos, you know? The only good point to it was that we (and by we, I mean "I") didn't have to look at the disorganization in the living areas - but other than that, entering the room-of-toys was a miserable experience. The (albeit pretty) hardwood floor and (not so pretty) built-in that was already in place felt cold and horrible. 

Our ultimate plan is to completely change everything about this space (floors, move the built-in to the other side of the room and change it up, and then of course, paint!), but we needed a temporary solution to get us through to that point.

So what's a gal to do when the play room isn't her top priority on the "home improvement money spending" list? Shop the house! We hung the kids' initials up from the old nursery and bedroom over the make-shift daybed (two end caps to these beds from IKEA), and then put a cheap rug in there from Target - BOOM: instant coziness!

(My) Dog Crate of DREAMS!

I'm obsessed with my dog... but the hardware that came with him when we adopted Snow two years ago? Not so much. When he was 9 weeks old, it was estimated that he would eventually weigh in at 50 pounds - pretty large, right?! So we got him one of those giant dog crates. Well, now that he's 85+ pounds, that large crate was a good buy - BUT IT WAS JUST SO UGLY!


But back to the ugly crate. From day 1 I couldn't stand the big metal, space user-upper, but it's usefulness was undeniable. (I know that a ton of people out there are against crates - to each his own! I understand the merits of both using one and foregoing. With Snow being our first dog ever, we turned to our friends and family for advice - all of which use crates and seem to be happy with them. So that's what we did! Both Snow and us have always enjoyed his little "room.")

Ya win some, ya lose some - diy antiqued mirror gallery wall

I mean... I guess this wasn't a TOTAL loss - it doesn't look THAT bad. And in fact, post-editing (bahaha that's quite the disclaimer, isn't it? "Once edited, they don't look that bad!"), I actually kind of like them a tiny bit more...

But it for sure wasn't what I was expecting baha! I had grand visions of a lustrous, gold framed, large scale gallery wall of mirrors - so lovely, right? So when I came into a bunch of giant goldies (literally from the '80's) at a garage sale for $2 each, I knew where those bad boys would end up: DIY'ed into antiqued, mirrored beauties.

I followed this tutorial by one of my FAVORITES, Jenny Komenda, and while the frames DID look antiqued, they're VERY, very dark when looking at them.


Oh yeah, no big deal, I'm just over here still PINCHING MYSELF!

This was the biggest project Chad and I have taken on - in total it was two 10' tables, four 10' benches, one 7' arbor, one 9' arbor, one kid sized table and two kid sized benches - ELEVEN PIECES ALL TOGETHER!

When it was all said and done, we pretty much felt like the coolest humans on the face of planet earth (both of us were like "WE CAN DO ANYTHING! COME AT US, WORLD!").

It really boosted the ego that they wanted to "work with us" because this particular store is THE CUTEST LITTLE SHOP IN THE UNIVERSE. I mean, look at it!